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5 Packing Tips: To Make Packing For A Camping Trip Easy

Camping gear provides shelter, lighting, warmth, and other important features that ensure you’re not entirely wild whilst you’re living it up amongst the leaves. 

The good news is that traveling for a camping trip doesn’t need to be difficult. Is there a lot to think about? Yes. Does it have to be hard? No. Especially with these five tips: 

Have Dedicated Camping Gear

One of the best things you can do if you camp regularly is to have dedicated camping gear. Grab the sleeping bags, pillows, foldable kettle, cookware set, and other things that you know are specifically for adventures only. That way, once you’re done, you can clean and put it all away, comfortable in the knowledge that it’s ready to go next time you head out into the wild. 

Label, Label, Label

Labeling your camping gear is a great way to make the packing process easier. You can see what everything is, which not only helps with the packing but also helps when it comes to unpacking everything once you get to your destination. 

If you want to be super organized, pack away your camping gear into boxes (especially loose items like lights, batteries, cutlery, and other odds and ends). Then all you need to do is create easy-to-read labels for the boxes. It might seem anal, but you’ll thank yourself later! 

Write Down The Basics

Have a list of very basic needs that will lead to you creating a good base camping list. For example, we all know the huge benefits of being in nature, but you’ll still need shelter to protect yourself from the elements. What is needed to create that shelter? A tent? Pegs? Mallet? How about what you will sleep in? Do you need a sleeping bag? Pillows? Do you need different items for cooking meals? How about nighttime? 

Think about the basic needs of every activity on your trip, and that should make packing easy. 

Write Down The Frills

The frills of a camping trip are the activities that you love to do outdoors. As with the basics we mentioned above, writing down the activities you want to do will also help you develop and refine the perfect packing list. 

For example, are you one of the nearly 60 million people in the USA who love to hike? If you are, you’ll need things like hiking boots, a day bag, a water bottle, thick socks, a hiking-suitable outfit, a waterproof jacket, SPF, and mosquito spray. By knowing what you want to do, you can quickly know what you need to pack. 

Last but not least, bring your portable power station

Image you are in the wild but you have lost your power of your Iphone or camera. What are you gonna do?

How are you going to call somebody that will help? So please bring a portable power station in case your electronic equipment lose its power.

“In a cool solitude of a tree, where leaves and birds a music spin, mind that was weary is at ease, new rhythms in the soul begin.” – William Kean Seymour 

With the tips above, you’ll pack for your camping trip with ease, ready for this next big adventure in the great outdoors! 

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