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Portable Power Station Parameters 10: Round-Trip Efficiency

Round-Trip Efficiency

This blog is about the Round-Trip Efficiency of portable power stations.

Due to internal losses and material degradation, not all the energy supplied to the battery during charging can be recovered during discharge. The amount of energy that can be taken from the battery during the discharging process over the energy supplied determines the round-trip efficiency. This efficiency is sensitive to the charging and discharging currents. At higher currents, thermal losses increase and therefore the efficiency is reduced.

What affects round trip efficiency?

It is obviously a critical factor in the usefulness of storage technology. The higher the round trip efficiency, the less energy we lose due to storage, the more efficient the system as a whole.

If you want to know more about the Round-Trip Efficiency of batteries, you can click here.

Which batteries have the highest round-trip efficiencies?

Does round-trip efficiency also reduce capacity?

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