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Portable Power Station Parameters 7: Depth of Discharge

Depth of Discharge

This blog is about the Depth of Discharge.

The depth of discharge often referred to as DoD(in %), this parameter expresses the battery capacity that has been discharged relative to the maximum capacity. Each battery technology supports different maximum recommended levels of DoD to minimize its impact on the overall cycle life.

Lithium-Ion Depth of Discharge – would constantly being plugged into a power bank prolong battery life?

The only way to reduce degradation is to have both a small range of charge used, and to have that range centered around mid-level SoC: e.g.: operate only between 30 % and 70 % SoC, which means keep the battery at 70 % SoC until you need it, and recharge it if it drops to 30 %.

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What does 80% depth of discharge mean?

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